School Tour

Adequate health care facilities and a qualified medical team make ‘TRICOL’ stand out. Prompt medical services are provided by trained and experienced resident nurses.

A medical doctor visits at least four times a week, and he is on call in cases of emergency. Each student is required to bring a medical report to the school on resumption. This helps the school have knowledge of the medical history of the child. Such records are kept in the clinic and the kitchen is notified if there is any food allergy. Invariably, all students are registered at the school clinic, and if, or whenever a child is too ill to attend classes, he/she is accommodated in the infirmary.

Where a child requires more than minimal medical treatment, the child is either transferred to a bigger health facility or referred to the family doctor through the parents.

Library Service

Modestly stocked with the latest non-fiction, classic and quality fiction books, alongside a comprehensive reference section, the ‘TRICOL’ library is the central resource hub of the college community.

The shelves are continually filled with relevant and current resource materials. The library provides ample space for private study, and our students avail themselves of every opportunity to utilize the facilities there.

The electronic resource with broad-based internet service is available for the students’ research and further studies. The library staff are always on hand to provide help and advice when needed.